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West Africans are the true Africans they never hide to express who they are. They are super proud of their culture and traditions. For weddings, African attire is chosen as the source of proud and identity. But the so-called Congolese or French-speaking countries are on the bottom of the list, shame on French-speaking countries. I mean they are #brainwashed. Too much ignorance acting as if they know much. Once I become the president of my country no more French.

France has made my people so ignorant and arrogant, to the level of not even knowing how to solve their country problems. For sure west African knows the meaning of what identity is that why they express it anyhow. I mean I just love it. Once you lose your identity you lose your mark and direction on earth. My Congolese family learns how to be humble in this world no one knows much and no one knows less we can all contribute to each other life. You have 2 Congolese 1 will define himself as from Kinshasa and then he will try to define the other one as from village or one will classify himself as French speaker by trying to outplay the other. That is the kind of ignorance and arrogance am talking about at the same time not even proud of their culture.

lola-aworanti-kelechi-ekugo traditional wedding #BellaNaija 

Born in Kananga not growing up in Congo. I can assure that we Congolese are ignorant and tend to act as we know much. I have had the opportunity of growing up with different cultures and nationalities that why am able to break this down. Once again it about being who we are as African and maintaining our traditions, just look at our brothers African Americans they wish they had a portion of that tradition but it has not been easy to restore it back. Please understand me am not laughing at them, actually, I admire African Americans. The point here is that us as Africans we already have the culture that is in need of other groups of people. We should play a role in maintaining it by practicing it cause once we lose it, it will never come back easily.

The world is jealous of us having this rich continent and rich culture so they want to destroy that cause they can’t have it especially western countries they are trying their best to rip your culture off so that it will be more easier to control Y'all than now. #WiseUp

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