Prosumer power by Dr. Bill Quain: Book summary

Wealth by Being Smarter, Not Cheaper, and Referring Others to Do the Same by Bill Quain, Ph.D. In summary, this is a business book aimed to change your mindset from being a consumer to a “pro-sumer” (producer + consumer). I recommend this book because it is cheap, and easy-to-read.

Chapter 1

  • if you want what millionaires have, acts accordingly.
  • You have to open your mind to so that you can replace your old consumer thinking with new prosumer thinking.
  • when you're a prosumer your being smarter because you're opening up the possibility of adding to, instead of subtracting from.
Chapter 2

  • Think different! And When we think different, we position ourselves to get different results.
  • if you want to have more, you have to think like the store.
  • Focus on building more assets.
Chapter 3

  • if you want to make money in store, own one!
  • You have to start thinking and acting like a producers think and act!
  • As an Online Prosumer, you can position yourself to get rich along with producers.
Chapter 4

  • Shop smarter.
  • Cheaper is not necessarily better
  • The shopping experience is so unpleasant and the container size are so huge that, in the end it's just not worth it.

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