Ancient story of a man and a snake

There is an ancient story about a man and a snake.
One day a man saw a snake trapped in a burning pile of wood.
Out of compassion the man reached down and pulled the snake out of the heat and flame. Immediately the snake turned its head and bit him. The pain was excruciating, the snake falling back into flame.
The man picked up a stick and once again tried to help the snake. The snake was tossed to safety, sliding under the nearby stones.
A passerby witnessed the whole experience, asking... Why did you help the snake after it bit you?
The man answered, " It is the nature of the snake to bite, that's not going to change my nature which is to help, we both did what we were born to do"
Do not change your nature simply because someone harms you.
Do not lose your good heart, only take precautions.

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