The Best Years of Your Life

When I was young, there was no respect for youth.
Now there's no respect for the old.
I missed it both times!
- Milton Berle

When you were a teenager, were you ever told, "Enjoy this time, it's the best years of your life?" What a stupid thing to say. Youth is wasted on the young, and for most people, youth is hardly the best years of life.

Ours is a youth-obsessed culture, demanding to live in the now with youthful gusto. Who has time for lessons learned and the wisdom that comes with age? 

We are all going to get old, assuming we don't die first. Our friends, relatives, and loved ones are or will get old. As baby boomers retire, older people are coming to dominate the population. Modern medicine and the wide pursuit of healthier living styles have enabled many older people to live longer and remain vigorous and productive in their old age. 

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